The plight of the homeless person is more drastic and “at-the-moment” and needs to be addressed then and there.

I watched the Channel 33 news rcently and Larry Rice is at it again.  He’s trying his best to provide shelter for homeless people in Springfield, MO and the city is fighting him.  The city’s main position accordingly centers around building codes, regulations and security.  This is acceptable- from a certain point of view.  There is a time and place for this.
However, I feel that the Springfield City Council is misjudging the situation or possibly trying to dodge the issue. (I myself will choose to give them the benefit of the doubt.) 
The plight of the homeless person is more drastic and “at-the-moment” and needs to be addressed then and there.  Larry knows this and is trying to meet this need.  At this time of year, the basic need of the homeless person is survival.  At night, we snuggle up under a mountain of blankets, the basic homeless person has to sleep in a dumpster, abandoned building or out in the open if there is no shelter open.
On cold winter nights, some homeless people freeze to death or are murdered by gangs.  The goal of the homeless person is to survive at all cost.  This is the reason Springfield needs to let Larry open that shelter.  Where as for some business people and residents, this is a pain in the rump, for others, this is life or death.
For the business people that have problems with these people, I understand their point.  I helped run a shelter for seven years myself, and I know the joy and the aggravation some of those people can be.  I have three suggestions:
1. Use common sense: treat them like anyone else. But don’t be stupid!
2. Anyone who acts up- call the cops!
3. When you’ve got them in a shelter, you can keep a better eye on things.
Monte Ash, Camdenton