THE QUESTION: What do you think will be the outcome of Monday's hearing to impeach Lake Ozark Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos?

THE QUESTION: What do you think will be the outcome of Monday's hearing to impeach Lake Ozark Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos?

Nothing to be gained by jousting with windmills
The Lake Ozark Aldermanic Board should reread Don Quixote and and stop jousting at windmills. Get on with the City’s business.
The outcome of the impeachment hearing will depend upon and demonstrate the sensibilities of the current office holders.
It will be a clear demonstration of their qualifications for reelection.
We would hope that the community will not regress into its previous Banana Republic state.
The anticipated outcome?  If the bylaws call for a simple majority, the Mayor is gone.   If it requires a unanimous vote, he remains in office.
The residents/voters of Lake Ozark deserve better representation. This is “high school” politics at best. (With apologies to School of the Osage senior class.)
Hal Anway, Lake Ozark
City needs a real fire-breathing dragon around
Well, my friends, this does not even rate as an E-Board question. It has all been said before, the subject is always the same, the instance is the only difference.
Mr. Schiefelbein has stated the whole context of this current situation in his editorial. I would hope that Mayor Franzeskos would pay heed to Mr. Schiefelbein’s comentary and “Take the High Ground”.
No matter what is said or alleged, it still comes back to the matter of timing.
It is a ploy to put a special interest person in the mayor’s office. thats all, no more, no less.
The worst thing we did at the lake was to remove the Magic Dragon as the icon of the lake. Now we have no mythical being that we can petition to hopefully make things better.
We’re on our own, and we’re not doing a very good job of moving forward.
David Grossen, Osage Beach

With these friends, mayor has no time for enemies
Typical Lake Ozark politics!!  I will say this for sure - with friends like Johnny has - he definately does not need any enemies.
Michael Kirchhof, Osage Beach

City residents ought to clean house
I honestly don’t know what the outcome will be, but this seems to be an ongoing situation in Lake Ozark, so my question is, are they taking care of what the people in the city hired them for or are they just there to bicker? 
If I were a resident, I would just about be ready to clean house completely and maybe start over with folks who want the job.
Cathy D. Palmer, Sunrise Beach

Leaking information is serious business
Maybe I  should opt out of this one. For the last 10 years I’ve been the maintance man for the Rockwood resort owned by alderman Jeff  Van Donsel.
He has never discussed with me on any occasion the matters of the board meeting. 
But, when I questioned him about these “new” questions of the mayor, he stated that the “leaking” of strictly in  house information is a very serious matter.
My own personal opinion   is that the board of aldermen have some very pressing matters that need to be tended to and the opinions and possible actions and outcomes should be held to strict confidence if agreed to by the rules set down. 
The actions taken by the board are a reflection of   community opinion and their needs as a whole. 
If they feel these items are not being fulfilled then a simple solution. Go to the polls, and install people you feel are more qualified, not just by party, friendships, etc.  By the way, this might also be fitting for state and federal election practices also. 
Jeff Amsbaugh, Lake Ozark

Predicts screeching and shouting
I predict there will be more screeching and shouting from Alderwoman Susan Drummond. 
Regarding the impeachment of  Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos, I really don't think there is much substance to the accusations that he released confidential information from closed session meetings.
The other two aldermen will be there to hear the charges and perhaps balance out the votes against the mayor.
It was a classless act of political sabotage to make this accusation without a full board present.
Ms. Drummond had previously aligned herself with the mayor on many major issues.  I think  Mayor Franzeskos will survive this coup attempt by the spoiled children who are on his city council.
There remains much grander things to do in the city of Lake Ozark than to wage a cat fight on the city council.
They need to continue to work on improvements to the Bagnel Dam strip. The city police has an image problem. Perhaps some community interaction at charity functions or other events might help beef up their reputation.
The public works department has much work ahead of them to get the public septic system in working order. The council itself can't be spending tax money carelessly over their office renovation. 
They need instead to spend their time trying to attract more businesses to come to their city.
James R. Hall, Camdenton

What a disgrace
This most recent impeachment proceeding and all of the past escapades by the city officials of Lake Ozark are disgraceful.
This most recent attempt at unseating the mayor of Lake Ozark is nothing more than personal egos run amuck!
It seems that nearly everyone that sits on the board of city government in Lake Ozark strives to make a bigger ass out of themselves than the group that preceded them.
No one seems to have the best interest of the residents nor the city in mind when they are elected or appointed to represent the people of Lake Ozark while serving on its board.
 The people from the communities that serve on local government councils or boards do not do it for the money.
They do not serve to have their good names attacked.
They do not volunteer their time and energy for personal gains.
Folks serve because they wish to make their cities, towns or communities better for themselves, their neighbors, their families and to help local businesses succeed.
If it were up to me I would help tar and feather anyone that votes to impeach the current mayor of Lake Ozark over such complete and utter nonsense.
Eric Reeve, Macks Creek