It will be attached to the Camden County complete count committee.

By Amy Wilson/
The Morgan County Commission officially approved forming a complete count subcommittee last week which will attach to the Camden County complete count committee.
The mission of these committees are to increase mail-back response to the 2010 U.S. Census. This 10-question form should arrive at homes across the nation in March. Census Day is April 1.
"This will allow us to take a regional approach to the Census," said Roger Corbin, who is chair over both committees. "This is good for Morgan County and good for the lake region in a framework that is truly workable."
The Morgan County subcommittee will be headed by Rick Bias and Stanley Field. Bias is the emergency management administrator for Morgan County, and Field is a past president of the Lake West Chamber of Commerce and Laurie-Sunrise Beach Rotary Club and was a board member of the Lake Arts Council.
According to Corbin, Morgan County subcommittee members will meet with Census officials in the next week in order to catch up to their Camden County counterparts before the groups will meet together Nov. 9.
Morgan County members will likely concentrate on outreach in the Ivy Bend area, Corbin added.
Going by county, Camden and Morgan counties were the lowest in the state of Missouri for mail-back returns of the 2000 U.S. Census.
Camden County had a 39 percent mail-back response, while Morgan County's was 44 percent.
However, further analysis shows that the lowest return rates in these counties were from the WestSide — the southern portion of Morgan and the northwestern part of Camden. Rates in this area were below 40 percent, while other parts of these counties had rates at least above 41 percent and mostly in the 61-70 percent and up range.
While some of this may be accounted for by part time residents, complete county committees goal is to encourage all households that spend 51 percent or more of its time in an area to be counted on the Census for that area.