Federal funding rescission won’t   impact lake projects already underway

Trysta Eakin
trysta.eakin @lakemediaonline.com

In a press release last week, the Missouri Department of Transportation revealed that more than $200 million in federal funding would be rescinded from the state. The Federal Highway Administration took away $8.708 billion nationally Sept. 30 after Congress let a rescission stay in a federal transportation bill, $202 million of which will come from Missouri.

MoDOT will be giving back money that has not yet been obligated to any specific program, said Roger Schwartze, MoDOT central district engineer; funds that have already been used or are in current use, will not be revoked. “If, for instance, the county was saving money for future projects, they would see the most loss because the money wasn’t obligated,” he said. “Funds that were in the planning stages will also be taken.”

Schwartze said the lake area will be affected the most in the Off-System Bridge program, from which $377,964 will be rescinded between Miller, Morgan and Camden counties. Off-System routes are those that have a functional classification of rural local, local road or street, according to MoDOT’s Web site.

Miller County will see the worst of it with $257,973 taken. Morgan County is next with $105,899, and finally Camden County will lose $14,092, Schwartze said. The Route 5 road project in Camdenton and planned renovations to Highway 54 in Linn Creek will not be affected, he said.

Where $202 million will come from
$4.3 million from rail/highway crossing projects
$1.9 million from high risk rural roads projects
$94,320 from the Highway Safety Improvement Program
$1.2 million from recreational trails projects
$17.4 million from Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement projects
$17.3 million from the Off-System Bridge projects, impacting future bridge projects on state highways
$98.3 million from the On-System Bridge projects
$477,133 from the Safe Routes to School projects
$16.2 million from the Surface Transportation Program
$44.7 million from the Surface Transportation Program-Urbanized