A brief look inside Tuesday night's Board of Aldermen meeting.

Here's a look at what happened during Tuesday night's Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting:

• There was still a lot of discussion over the new City Hall. Several aldermen continued to raise issues with the size of the council chambers and safety issues. They feel they should have been included and updated continuously during remodeling construction. Other aldermen pointed out that the city hall still remains the best building the city has ever seen regardless of a wall.

• Coming off the heels of discussing the new City Hall, Alderwoman Susan Drummond made a motion to terminate Joe Barfield. Barfield has been serving as a part-time city administrator to the city helping transition and train the new administrator, Dave Van Dee. Drummond listed a number of reasons emphasizing that Barfield did not keep the board informed. Barfield responded to the accusations saying he served the mayor, not the board. Barfield's contract with the city ends in December. He said he would enforce his contract. Drummond's motion died when no one seconded it.

• The board approved the first reading of an ordinance that would allow the newly formed Rocky Mount Water and Sewer District to hook onto Lake Ozark's system. Rocky Mount received $2 million in stimulus money to build a system. The first phase would bring about 55 people water and sewer service. Lake Ozark officials did not approve the second reading of the bill because they are waiting to hear back from state officials whether the city would be held responsible for the extension once it is hooked up. A previous interpretation of the law said the city would be held liable for all maintenance on its system, even if it outside city limits. The group has only until Nov. 1 until the deadline for the funds expire.


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