Opening night of Steel Magnolias in Sunrise Beach was held Oct. 23.

Opening night of Sunrise Beach Little Theatre’s production of Steel Magnolias was Thursday, Oct. 23. The dinner theater was also held Oct. 24 and 25.
The cast
Judith Wilson - Truvy
Valery Frazier - Annelle
Barbara Hubbell - Clairee
Bailey Campanini - Shelby
Vee Jay Groce - M'lynn
Shannon Blender - Ouiser
Production staff
Director - Cheryl Glawe
Stage manager - Cindy McManus
Lights/Sound - Leon Vines
Stage hands - Carolyn Halbedel and Kori Wadle
Radio DJ voice - Fred Groce
Costumes/props - the cast
Make-up - Judith Wilson and cast
Reservations - Vivian Williamson
Publicity - Vee Jay Groce
Dining room supervisor - Karen Polys
Chefs - Eddie Bryant and Jess Wadle
Set design/construction - Cheryl Glawe, Leon Vines, Bill Williamson, Jerry and Judith Wilson, Tom Page, Shannon Blender, Kelly and Valery Frazier, Barbara Hubbell, Carolyn Halbedel and Vee Jay Groce
Dinner music - Charlie Turner
Props and wigs - Valery Frazier and Hair Port, Inc.
Costumes - Valerie Smith of Val's Beary'd Treasures