“It is important to note that these property owners have put the best interests of the city ahead of their own personal interests by their generous donation of property to make this project happen.”

– Osage Beach Mayor Penny Lyons

Joyce L. Miller

A long-awaited deal between landowners, the city of Osage Beach and the state has paved the way for the Missouri Department of Transportation to upgrade the Highway 54 expressway interchange at Nichols Road (Lake Road 54-56) to a double-diamond design for better traffic flow.

MoDOT and city officials have been working with Lake Regional Hospital representatives, Duenke Enterprises, Dogwood Hills, Osage Catfisheries/Sycamore Creek and Osage Beach representatives for more than a year negotiating with the property owners who have agreed to donate a total of 87 acres with an estimated value of $2.88 million.

The parties have reached an agreement to turn the land needed over to the state. Of the 87 acres, 39 are designated for right-of-way, 3 for permanent easements and 14 will be needed for temporary easements. The Nichols Road interchange will be in addition to the Route KK interchange. It  will have two off ramps and one on ramp.

Construction of the double diamond will not shut traffic down to the hospital, Palisades Village, Sycamore Creek or Dogwood Hills once the project gets underway.  The interchange is part of the $138 million expressway project. When complete motorists will be able to bypass existing Highway 54 and use one of six access locations to access the business route through the city.

The expressway is scheduled for completion in 2011.