Resubmitted rezoning request slashes proposed quarry site from 40 to 20 acres with bigger buffer zone

Joyce L. Miller

The chances of the Camden County Planning and Zoning Commission approving a re-zoning request that would allow the APAC-Missouri quarry near Linn Creek to expand may have a better chance the second time around.

The original request to rezone 40 acres from residential to industrial was turned down by the Camden County Planning and Zoning Commission and sent on to county commission, which has the last word, for final action.

In the meantime, APAC has filed a revised request that reduced the rezoning request from 40 acres to about 20, leaving the surrounding 20 acres to serve as a buffer between the plant and nearby residential areas. Since there was a significant change to the request, the county commission declined to take action.

Instead, it has been sent back to the planning commission for a second round of discussions.
Planning Director Chris Hall said the case will be back on the agenda in November. If all goes as planned, the case will go to the county commission  in December.