Neighborhood of summer vacation homes referred by DNR for 'serious and continuous nature of the violations'

Lake Sun

A Morgan County residential development has been referred to the Missouri Attorney General’s office for enforcement action for violations of the state’s Clean Water Law. According to DNR, the wastewater treatment facility serving Van’s Mill Creek summer vacation homes consists of septic tanks and a recirculating  textile filter with an ultraviolet disinfection unit. Effluent from the wastewater treatment facility discharges to the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Since March 2009, the department has conducted two inspections of the facility and has also conducted a file review for Van’s Mill Creek. The development is located off Mill Creek Loop, near Gravois Mills in Morgan County.

The treatment plant is one of more than 274 of the roughly 400 treatment plants that have been checked by DNR since September when Gov. Jay Nixon ordered a baseline study of water quality at Lake of the Ozarks. Of those 274-plus facilities, DNR has issued more than 54 warnings and 21 violation notices. Van’s Mill Creek is the first referred directly to the attorney general’s office.

According to a DNR press release issued  Monday, Oct. 26, the case was referred directly to the attorney general due to the serious and continuous nature of the violations.