Jan. 31, 2009

"I think they are highway patrol. Good, I'm glad to hear that. You can't even have a few beers without being worried about a BUI. .08 limit don't take much. There is a thing as TOO MUCH law. Most of it is about generating revenue. I agree, get the drunks in the big power boats off the lake, but don't harass the guy going to get some wings and a beer at the places on the water. It benefits the system but hurts the small buisness owners."
Reader comment posted by crappieslayer to the story “Water Patrol could lose 22 officers”

"You know what! I am a firm believe in alcohol control. Don't get me wrong, I love to go out and have fun and have a couple of drinks, but the law is EXACTLY what it should be. For most of us, having a couple of beers is probably going to be okay. However, IT’S NOT JUST THE BIG POWER BOATERS...THANKS FOR THE STEREOTYPE. Let me tell you what, we have had within the last 3 years, a ton of DRUNK FISHERMAN tie up at our dock at night thinking we were a bar, just cause we have lights on the dock and a wet bar. COME ON, I am one of those so called POWERBOATERS and it really isn't that hard to FOLLOW the laws. Drinking and Driving is bad enough on land, but then ADD that to WATER. 100 times worse, especially since most people don't know proper integrity while driving on the water. The checkpoints are set up for our safety, and quite frankly, if that bugs people, then they probably shoudln't be driving anyway. How hard is it to stop for about 20 seconds for them to see if you have been drinking. These guys bust their butt year round to keep everyone safe, and IT HAS SHOWN. Anyway, sorry for the rambling..."
Reader comment posted by lakin4fun to the story “Water Patrol could lose 22 officers”