THE QUESTION: In your opinion, keeping in mind the most traveled roads get plowed and salted first, how did state and county road crews handle this week's winter storm?


THE QUESTION: In your opinion, keeping in mind the most traveled roads get plowed and salted first, how did state and county road crews handle this week's winter storm?

Approves the job
One word — Great!!
Linda Vogel
Sunrise Beach

Job was commendable
I suppose that this is the sort of thing that depends on where you  actually live. 
However, I believe that the crews did a very good  job.  They are to be commended.
James Murphy
Lake Ozark

City administrator says OB’s roads were problem-free
I am not the one to respond to this question - I live a mile from City Hall, and could get to work if I had to crawl in :) - but from the corner of 54 and Jeffries Road to City Hall, I didn’t have any problem.
Nancy Viselli
Osage Beach

It’s not what they did during, but before!
Hats off to the road crews, supervisors and managers of Camden County who had the foresight to prepare us so far in advance for winter ice storms this year!
 I know many folks complained about the aggressive way the county trimmed back trees this summer. It is difficult for independent minded folks in the Ozarks to have a city, county, state or any governmental entity come onto our properties and, “Do as they please.”
But we are now reaping the benefits of being able to avoid many of the problems/power outages suffered during the 2007 winter storms because of the county’s aggressive preventive measures.
 Anyone who has read any of the many articles I have written in the past knows I rarely offer up any praise for local government and/or our local politicians. I am a man possessing many character flaws and imperfections (as many people have brought to my attention in the papers in the past) but ingratitude for a job well done is not one of these flaws.
Thank you and my hat is off to those responsible for maintaining the county’s roads during this first (and we hope last) winter storm of 2009!
Eric Reeve
Macks Creek

They earned an A
The day of the storm I stayed home. I won’t go out in adverse weather unless absolutely necessary.
The second day we went from Cross Creek to Camdenton with no problem at all. The roads were in great condition. I would have to give the crews an “A”.
Carl Hubbell
Linn Creek

Had no problems getting out
All seems to be functioning as planned.  My local travels all involved roads which had been addressed by the removal crews and I had no problem getting around. 
I am fortunate to have four-wheel drive, which definitely helped my situation when going down secondary roads; but, I think most of the work had been completed by the end of Wednesday. 
Thank you to all of the road crews and contractors for your hard work in keeping us all driving - great job!
Michael J. Kirchhof
Osage Beach

Didn’t plow home road until storm had passed
We lucked out on this storm, the bad stuff passed us to the south. I  know the county is trying to save money because of the economy, but they did not plow our road until the storm was over and the sun was  out. 
I don’t care that they left it at first, because the road was not that bad, we could have gotten out if we needed to, but they  wasted their time and money by doing something after the storm was over. 
On our short piece of road there was no need to clear it. It would be nice to know though, that if the snow would have been really deep, that they would have done something earlier so that we could travel if we did need to. 
We did not have to go anywhere so we were not on any state roads to gauge how well they were doing.  I’m just glad we did not have to suffer through another ice storm. 
Loren Schnebly