Jan. 30, 2009

"The Ozarks version of the stimulus package."

Reader comment by comfort  posted to the story “Two tax hikes, pair of bond issues make April ballot”

"If he gets all the signatures then let it play out and see what happens. Scheider angered a lot of his voters and this kind of thing can happen when you make controversial moves like he did. There's a system in place for this and Farrell is pursuing what he thinks is right. I kind of wonder if real estate was still selling like hot cakes, if these realtors that are championing some of these causes around here, would still be spending as much time on them as they are. (Mathgate, and OBFPDgate.)"

Reader comment by BradM posted to the story “Barbs thrown in dispute: Farrell vows to see recall through to the end (Part 2 of 2)”