Until the city can convince residents ‘they can handle the sewer service, they don’t want them messing with the water’


The debate over a petition from residents along Rudder Road who aren’t interested in being hooked up to the city’s municipal water system is over.
The issue was whether the city of Lake Ozark is going to run water lines to about 20 homes on Rudder Road.
The answer is yes, the city is going to move forward and expects to have a plan in place for the expansion in the near future.
Once the lines are in place, residents will be forced to connect at a cost of about $2,000 per household.
The majority of residents on Rudder Road had made their position clear to the city. They filed a petition with the board asking the city to bypass their neighborhood, at least for the time being. 
They don’t want city water. Most have relatively new wells and see no need for the city’s service. They understand it is inevitable that the city will eventually extend the water lines to their neighborhood, but don’t see it as being a priority.
They also raised concerns over the location of the sewer lines and the proximity of those to water lines if the city moves forward with the project.
Ron Lunsford, who owns a home on Rudder Road, says the homeowners aren’t happy. The neighborhood has no water problems, but has been experiencing problems with the sewer service.
The sewer lines have been in the ground for about 30 years. Residents think the city should be concentrating on updating the sewer lines instead of worrying about the water.
Lunsford said the issue may not be resolved. He said until the city can convince the residents they can handle the sewer service, they don’t want them messing with the water.
City administrator Charles Clark says the water project is a priority for the city. He says the extension of the water lines will run about $40,000. The road is less than 1/2-mile long.
The neighborhood is already hooked up to the city’s sewer system. It is one of several neighborhoods in Lake Ozark that does not have city water.
Sewer issues have been making headlines for the city in recent weeks. The city and the former public works director have pleaded guilty in United States District Court to allowing discharge from a lift station to run into the lake, not reporting the spill and not cleaning it up.
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