Recently, while speaking on the subject of immigration reform in San Francisco, President Obama had his speech interrupted by a heckler who demanded the President stop the deportation of those found to be here illegally.

Recently, while speaking on the subject of immigration reform in San Francisco, President Obama had his speech interrupted by a heckler who demanded the President stop the deportation of those found to be here illegally. The heckler, a 24-old-boy from South Korea, is himself here illegally and graduated from college at he University of California-Berkeley. He, along with his family, snuck into our country illegally when he was 11 years old and has lived here ever since.

The student, Ju Hong, told the San Jose Mercury News, “I was shaking a little bit, but thinking about me and my family and my community and my friends, the pain they have suffered under the Obama administration…it really sparked a buildup of my anger. It made me speak out.”

Seriously! This disillusioned nitwit actually said this.

He pleaded with Obama to use an executive order to stop the deportation of immigrants living here illegally, going on to say, “My family has been separated for 19 months now. I need your help. You have a power to stop deportation for all undocumented immigrants in this country.”

First off, his family wouldn’t have been separated if they had stayed in South Korea instead of choosing to come here illegally, as criminals, and thumb their nose at our laws. So I have zero sympathy for him in that regard. Illegals come here fully aware of the laws and consequences, then try to play the victim. Secondly, I have to take issue with the way our President handled this situation. When the Secret Service went to remove this kid, Obama called them off saying, “No, he can stay…let him stay,” then going on to explain to the kid that the speech he was giving was part of an effort to get Congress to pass immigration reform.

Our President should have said, “Okay, so you are here illegally? Officers, arrest this boy and have him deported.”

Why is it that those who break the law, where immigration is concerned, seem to be held to a different standard than those who break other laws? If someone had lit up a joint, pulled out a weapon, or started hitting the person sitting next to them, they would have been arrested for breaking the law. Those who thumb their noses at our system of government, and the laws and procedures we have in place to immigrate here legally, should not get a free pass because, “Well, we’re all immigrants aren’t we?” Or, “The whole process of becoming a citizen legally just takes too long.”

None of these “excuses” change the fact that these people are, by definition, criminals.

Here we have an illegal immigrant, whose college education was paid for by The Dream Act, a government program that funds college educations here illegally. Our taxpayer dollars paid for his schooling!

It didn’t cost him a dime, and he has the gall to demand that we allow the rest of his family to join him here in the U.S.? Here he is, living in America. He’s had his education paid for, and he’s still unhappy, going so far as to attempt to lay blame for his situation on the current administration. He is actually outraged that we won’t let his relatives come over here without due process, and instead of running him out of the country, our President, our leader, offers sympathy and condolences, and agrees with the guy that “something must be done”?

There is right, then there’s wrong, and then there are things like this, that when you hear about them strike a chord somewhere between “disbelief” and “sick to your stomach.” If I went to South Korea without a visa or passport I wonder what would happen to me? If I interrupted their leader giving a speech, making a scene similar to the one this young man did, I would probably be lucky if all they did was deport me.

I am diametrically opposed to many of President Obama’s actions as president. The policies he has forced on the American public concerning healthcare will prove to be unsustainable in the long term, hurting more people than they will help. His views on private firearm ownership and sanctions he would like to see imposed concerning them are radically un-American, and the way that the whole Benghazi situation was handled, resulting in the death of America’s ambassador, was positively shameful.

That being said, the man is still our leader. The President of the United States should not be interrupted, mid-speech, when addressing the public. The office he holds deserves respect, even if one does not have respect for the man who holds it. The fact that this transgression was committed by an illegal immigrant makes it even worse. Upon further research, I learned that this kid has been arrested for such actions before. That’s right, evidently this person, who is here illegally taking advantage of our education system and taxpayer funded social services, has been arrested for such public displays in the past and we have repeatedly let him go!

This borders on unbelievable. Our immigration and police officers have obviously confused our immigration laws, with the “Catch and Release” policies used for fishermen. I do not oppose immigration or those who wish to better themselves by coming to America for a better life, but there is a process in place for this. We do have laws that are in place to facilitate such a move. Criminals such as this young fool should be deported immediately. Failure to do so is a slap in the face to the American public and the immigrants who did follow the law and became citizens legally.